Texas Uncontested Divorces Done Affordably and Professionally

Texas Uncontested Divorces

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The Difference

Our divorce forms are completed by a licensed Texas Attorney and designed to be enforceable and recognizable in all Texas courts. While it is great to proceed with an uncontested divorce, it is still crucial to make sure your divorce documentation is prepared professionally to protect you from problems that can arise later from the use of generic and inadequate online forms.


We offer a variety of Divorce Packages to fit your needs.  Our uncontested divorce packages address divorces without kids, with kids, without property, and with property. Unlike other generic online services, our divorce forms are professionally completed, not generic, and specifically designed by a Texas Divorce Lawyer for only Texas divorces.  Additionally, all of our divorce options are available for low cost flat fees and include a free phone consultation.

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Many of our Uncontested Divorce Packages are available for less than the cost of 1 billable hour for a Texas Divorce Attorney.
Comprehensive Divorce Forms professionally prepared by a licensed Texas Family Law Lawyer along with Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for individuals choosing to complete his or her divorce on his/her own.
Detailed and professionally designed divorce provisions for Community Property Division, Marital Debt Assignments, Alimony Payments, Property Transfers, and Separate Property Confirmation and Protection.
Enforceable Child Support Provisions & Wage Withholding Forms
Your choice between the Standard Possession Schedule or one of our 50/50 Split Schedules
50/50 Child Possession Schedules with options for Reduced or No Child Support
100% Divorce Guaranteed

Comprehensive Divorce Forms

Prepared by a Licensed Texas Attorney

Nicholas A. Davis, Divorce Lawyer

Forms Prepared by Attorney

Your Forms are professionally prepared under the supervision & direction of Texas Attorney based on his many years of experience practicing Family Law & Divorce in the State of Texas.


Uniquely Designed only for Texas

Enjoy the confidence in knowing that your forms are specific only to the State of Texas to aid in both ease and enforceability.


Expansive Child Custody Options

Child Custody provisions are drafted to provide you and your spouse with additional possession schedules & child support options not available online.


Additional Property Division Options

Property Division Forms have been carefully and thoughtfully prepared to provide unique options, not available in most online programs, such as the option to sell the marital residence and divide proceeds.



Do I Qualify?

You or Your Spouse must have lived in Texas for 6 Months and be a resident of County where the divorce will be filed for 90 days.
You and your spouse must agree on all aspects of the divorce and your spouse must be willing to sign required documents.
You or your spouse cannot be Pregnant/Expecting a Child.
No active Protective Orders against you or your spouse.

About The Texas Uncontested Divorce Process

Save time and money, and have our attorney handle everything for you.  This attorney prepared process will have you divorced in 8 Easy Steps.  (1) Schedule your initial phone consultation with our attorney prior to beginning the process, (2) Complete the online questions which will be emailed to you in a link after your phone consultation, (3) Email or fax our office all requested documents or information required to properly complete your forms, (4) Receive your professionally completed forms within a matter of days (normally 10 business days), (5) Review all divorce documents, (6) Provide your spouse with a copy of the divorce documents and have him/her sign, (7) Mail or email our office the signed original documents, (8) Appear in court after the mandatory 60 day wait period to finalize your divorce.

Our our divorce forms are designed specifically for Texas by a licensed attorney.  Other services provide cheap generic forms that are confusing to Texas Judges.
Our Divorce Forms are enforceable and reliable.  Other services use multi-state, poorly drafted provisions, that may be deemed unenforceable for property divisions and child custody provisions, which can cost customer’s thousands of dollars to fix; if they can be fix at all.
Our Divorce Forms provide multiple options for Child Custody & Possession Schedules such as a 50/50 possession split and customizable child support provisions where are not available with other online programs.
Our Divorce Forms are Affordable.  Many private divorce lawyers in Texas overcharge clients for simple uncontested divorces.
Our Divorce Forms are completed for you with no guess work on your part.  With other online divorce services, clients must complete the forms with little assistance and no legal guidance.
Our Divorce Forms provide you with a low stress, affordable, and reliable option to get divorce amicably and move on with your life quickly.
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